Diverse offer of loans fitting all your needs

Banca Intesa offers a wide range of various type of loans: we have short-term and long-term cash loans, consumer loans, loans for car purchases, different models of housing loans, as well as a number of specialized specific purpose loans. With a quick and easy loan procedure you can realize all your needs and wishes.

We provided you with more favourable repayment term periods and more acceptable interest rates, with lowest fees for organizing and managing of your loans and minimum of security instruments.

Our advisors will help you choose the loan that best suits your needs and financial capabilities.

  • Types of loans

Online cash loan

Banca Intesa online cash loan, without going to branch, 100% online. Money on your account in just 15 minutes.

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"Intermezzo Keš" - cash loan

This loan can be obtained via a simple and quick procedure, regardless of whether you're receiving your earnings through a Banca Intesa current account or not.

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"Laki Keš" cash loan in RSD

Fastest and easiest way to get cash

The right solution in situations when you need a smaller amount of money quickly.

Easy cash loan can be obtained regardless of whether you receive a salary or pension through a payment account in Banca Intesa or not, and you can submit an application through Intesa Online, e-banking services, as well as in any branch of the Bank.

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"Senior Keš" cash loan for retirees

A loan with a fixed interest rate, no participation and without guarantors, with additional life insurance

"Senior Keš" cash loan for retirees will enable you to obtain additional funds with a simple and fast procedure. Fixed monthly interest and life insurance which you will have at your disposal during the time of loan repayment are just some of the many benefits that we have provided for you.

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Loan for refinancing

With our loan you can refinance your obligations on current accounts, credit cards and loans, as well as having an option of obtaining extra cash.

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Consumer loans for financing education of students of SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac

In order to help young people acquire their desired education and achieve professional success, Banca Intesa offers a loan to finance the education of future freshman of SMATSA Aviation Academy.

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