Job Application Form

We are devoted to maximizing the quality of the banking services we offer to our clients, that is why we hire good professionals and invest in developing our employees’ potential. Banca Intesa does not offer you just a job, but an opportunity to develop professionally, meet new challenges and progress in your career.

If you would like to join the winning team of the No. 1 bank in Serbia, fill in the Job Application Form. All the submitted applications will be carefully considered, and the candidates that best suit the requirements of the advertised position will enter the selection procedure. After the assessment of their professional competence, all the candidates will be informed on their status (accepted, preserved in the database for another position, unacceptable). And that is just the first step.

Step into the world where everything is possible!


Before collecting and processing information on prospective candidates that they enter into the Job Application Form or any other electronic form submitted to the bank, Banca Intesa is obliged to inform the candidates of the terms and conditions for collecting and processing personal data in line with the Law on Personal Data Protection (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 97/2008 and 104/2009), and make available to all the candidates the following documents:

  • NOTIFICATION for all the candidates intending to fill in and submit to the Bank the Job Application Form, stating terms and conditions of collecting and processing personal data, available at the bank’s web-site.

Personal data will be collected from the Job Application Form and other related documents that an applicant submits to the Bank.

By filling-in and submitting to the Bank the Job Application Form, an applicant confirms that he/she:

  • is informed of terms and conditions for collecting and processing personal data in line with the above mentioned legal documents;
  • has given his/her full consent that the Bank collects and processes the personal data entered in the Job Application Form (this consent can be revoked)