Care For Our Employees

We firmly believe that respect for each individual and dignity of each and every employee is the foundation for developing a work environment that is based on mutual confidence and loyalty. We base our employment procedures on objectiveness, while guaranteeing gender, racial and all other forms of equality.

We employ equality, objectiveness and merit-based criteria in evaluating, rewarding, motivating and developing careers of our employees. We are aware that our employees are our main strategic resource and we are firmly committed to protecting and encouraging them to realize their full potential, seeing as how we consider that to be the key factor in securing a sustainable competitive advantage. We strive to motivate the people in our employ to achieve set goals, so that we could reward them adequately through stimulation. We adopt management and remuneration policies that acknowledge and recognize individual as well as group contribution in accomplishing results.

We are transparent in our business relationships and we conduct our business fairly, without any kind of discrimination. In Banca Intesa, we respect diversities and we behave responsibly towards all of our employees.