Financial market analysis

Our long-standing presence in the domestic financial market and employees with considerable experience in market movements analysis and prediction, as well as the preparation of company analyses, enable us to offer the latest and most comprehensive market data, present our views on events and our forecasts regarding the direction the market or a specific company will take i.e. the direction of their development.
Our analysts have so far helped companies regarding the forecast of exchange rate or interest rate movements whereby we were able to reduce the companies’ currency and other risks exposure; we provided the companies with necessary data from world markets and analyzed their exposure to market risk.

Also, when analyzing loan requests, our analysts acquired invaluable experience regarding the companies’ balance analysis and forecast, business operations in certain industries as well as the profitability and risks typical of specific areas of business.

We offer you our daily, weekly, and monthly analyses of financial market trading, as well as global analysis of market and its characteristics, and macroeconomic analysis with predictions and comments. The analyses should provide a clear picture of the current market events, and also serve as a foundation for projecting trends i.e. forecasting what can be expected in the future. By having complete information on market movements, you are able to assess the value of your current investments, define the best moment to sell your securities or make new investments, all of it with the aim of making the most of your investments, and creating value with each transaction for yourself and your portfolio.

Clear, precise and offering the latest data, the analyses oriented towards clients and their needs will help you plan your investments so that you may use all potentials of the local capital market in the best possible way.


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Daily and weekly reports

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