If, in accordance with THE Decision of the National Bank of Serbia on Temporary Measures for Preserving the Financial System Stability, you have not denied the offer for temporary suspension of repayment of credit liabilities (moratorium), the outstanding credit liabilities you have to the bank will be subsequently updated and the new loan repayment schedule will be provided after the state of emergency is lifted. In case you have denied the offer for moratorium, the overview of credit liabilities in e-banking applications has been updated.

Dear Sir/Madame,

In accordance with the Decision of National Bank of Serbia and in an attempt to help its customers in the emergency circumstances, Banca Intesa Beograd allows individuals, registered agricultural holdings, entrepreneurs and companies to temporarily suspend repayment of all credit liabilities to the Bank for the period of 90 days, i.e. until the state of emergency (moratorium) is terminated.

This means that the repayment of your credit liabilities already due to the Bank and of liabilities that become due during the moratorium and which arise from any credit product that has not fully matured will be temporarily suspended without you being required to apply for it. Moratorium will be applied from 31 March 2020, except in case you submit a request to the Bank before that date asking for earlier application. After the moratorium period you will continue repaying your liabilities and the outstanding repayment period for the product will be extended by three months.

Additionally, the Bank will automatically extend overdrafts by six months if it expires during the moratorium period.

This offer will be deemed served on the date it is published on the website of the Bank.

If you DO NOT WANT this temporary suspension of repayment to be applied to all or any of your credit liabilities you should submit a request within 10 days or by 30 March 2020 at the latest by completing the form which is available here.

We would also like to inform you that during the temporary suspension of repayment the Bank will not calculate and collect default interest and the regular interest calculated during the moratorium period will be accrued to outstanding debt, which will be repaid according to the new repayment schedule with maturity date postponed by 3 months. For easier understanding, please find below a representative example for cash and housing loan to which this Decision has been applied.

Representative example for dinar cash loan in third year of repayment

Loan amount

500.000 RSD

Repayment period

84 months

84 months + 3 months moratorium

Monthly instalment

8.320,90 RSD

8.631.85 RSD*

Change in monthly instalment: 310,95 RSD

Nominal interest rate

9.82% variable

(3M Belibor + 8.20%)

* monthly instalment after temporary suspension of liabilities repayment (moratorium) for three months

Representative example for housing loan in eleventh year of year repayment

Loan amount

50.000 EUR

Repayment period

240 months

240 months + 3 months moratorium

Monthly instalment

284,02 EUR

287,84 EUR*

Change in monthly instalment: 3,82 EUR

Nominal interest rate

3.00% variable

(3M Euribor + 3.43%)

* monthly instalment after temporary suspension of liabilities repayment (moratorium) for three months

We wish you good health and would like to remind you to adhere to all preventive measures adopted by the Government of Republic of Serbia, to be responsible and protect yourself and your loved ones.

We will make an effort to remain available for all your needs and questions in the next period, and you can find all the latest information and working hours of our branches HERE.