In order to make our services as accessible to you as possible under the new circumstances and in accordance with the general preventive measures for the protection of your health and the health of our employees, we have minimally adjusted the working hours of our branch offices. You can find the addresses and working hours of our branch offices here:
We wish to inform you that in following with the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Banca Intesa has undertaken all of the required measures for the purpose of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
In order to maximise the protection of your health and the health of our employees, we recommend the following:

If queuing in a branch office, keep a reccomended distance from other clients and employees.

Use e-banking channels for legal entities and natural persons (Intesa Online and Intesa Mobi, as well as BizMobi and internet banking for legal entities).

Withdraw money at ATMs

Use payment cards for paying (if possible make contactless payments)

Purchase online without going to the point-of-sale, whenever possible.

Make daily cash deposits at allocated devices.
General preventive measures of protection against coronavirus:

Use soap and water to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

When outside, use dry hand wash gels or alcohol spray.

Do not touch your face with dirty hands (mouth, eyes, nose).

When coughing or sneezing do so into the inner side of your elbow or use a tissue.

Avoid handshaking, hugging and kissing when greeting.

Avoid larger gatherings in closed spaces.

Keep well-ventilated enclosed premises where you spend most of your time.

If using a mask, it must adhere well to your face, covering both your nose and your mouth.
On this page we will continue informing you regularly of the current situation and availability of our services, in line with the recommendations and measures undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.