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Voluntary Health Insurance

Voluntary health insurance

In the Banca Intesa branch offices, you have an option to contract a voluntary health insurance for yourself and your family. Quickly and without waiting, voluntary health insurance enables you to schedule appointments at more than 600 private healthcare institutions in Serbia. Afford quality healthcare and contemporary treatment methods for yourself and your family.

Wiener Städtische Insurance

Wiener Städtische Insurance

The Wiener Städtische Insurance network, which includes more than 600 healthcare institutions throughout Serbia, offers you the services and expertise of the best doctors seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This insurance provides the opportunity to afford modern methods of treatment for yourself and your family members, and to schedule examinations quickly and without waiting.


Coverage limit

Examination by general practitioner/ specialist

up to 1,000 EUR

Mental health protection in crisis

up to 150 EUR

Emergency dental interventions due to accident

up to 150 EUR

Emergency medical transport

up to 1,000 EUR

Home healthcare

200 EUR

Medical examination

100 EUR


Services covered under medical examination



0-2 yo

0-18 yo




Abdominal ultrasound examination



Thyroid gland ultrasound examination



Complete gynecological examination




Lab analysis

Internist examination with conclusion



Urology examination




Pediatrician examination before vaccination





One hips ultrasound examination




Pediatrician examination




Ophtalmologist examination




Physiatrist examination




Dentist examination




                * up to three times per year


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