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Our team

Our team

Valuation of employee rights, investing in their development and creating a work environment in which employees feel pleasant and motivated to give their unique contribution to achieving mutual goals, represent the strategic direction of Banca Intesa.

That is why we are striving to create a modern and motivating environment which enables optimal professional development and achieving personal ambitions for approximately 3,000 employees.

Cultivating focus on teamwork, developing good bidirectional communication, spreading the coaching culture and applying agile methodologies, we managed to build a successful team of people who work good together, proud to be part of the team of the no. 1 bank in Serbia.

Wanting to work in the company of the best, we build our identity on strong values which we observe in everyday business in order to achieve market success, as well as contribute to the general betterment of the widest social community.

We achieve our goals fairly, correctly and responsibly, respecting the rules and principles of professional ethics, dedicated to continuous improvement and transparency as the basis of our activities. We do not allow discrimination and we respect all differences among us and we focus on the value of each individual comprising our team. We strive to carefully use all resources and promote behaviours based on the most optimal use of resources, giving priority to choices which take sustainability into consideration.

The international character of our bank is reflected in the possibility of an international career of our employees and their development through various programs. In addition to encouraging acquiring new professional knowledge and exchanging experiences with colleagues from the Group for many years, we also invest in individual development of employees through the International Talent program, which provides them with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.