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Employee care

Employee care

We actively care for our employees and their individuality, at the same time cultivating an open dialogue and teamwork culture, based on mutual values.

Because of that, we develop numerous programs and initiatives, with the goal of strengthening employees and providing them with new possibilities for development, placing focus on equal possibilities, development and satisfaction with the job and work conditions.

At Banca Intesa we strongly support the principles guaranteed by the Code of Ethics, which include objectivity and preventing any forms of discrimination or unequal conditions.

We also care about occupational health and safety. In the area of healthcare, we provide support for our employees through Best Doctors insurance, as well as the opportunity for learning and education through training, seminars, workshops, and via the e-learning platform, which includes various online training programs.

We enjoy volunteering

Because of this, in 2013 we initiated the "Intesa from the Heart" program, with the goal of contributing to the community by placing at disposal time, talent and knowledge of our employees. Together, we carefully conceptualize activities which we direct where it is required most and in that way we build a better and more beautiful world even outside our bank.

We love sports and socializing

Sports competitions are a part of regular activities which Intesa Sanpaolo Group conducts with the wish to connect and introduce employees at member banks and thus additionally strengthen the team spirit. Each year, Banca Intesa employees participate in various sports activities, such as the Olympics in which we have a football, basketball and volleyball team, as well as marathon, cycling, tennis, table tennis and badminton competitions. All sports events are held in one of the countries of the member banks of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Apart from sports events, we also organize many internal events, celebrations and team building in order to connect better, even in activities that are not solely related to work.

We care for our employees' children

The sports spirit is also nurtured in children of employees from Group member banks. Because of this, every year, children of employees have an opportunity to participate in the Children's Olympics (in team sports) which is usually held in Slovenia. The children also summer together – every year, as many as 50 children of employees spend two weeks at sea in Italy. Furthermore, every year, two children of employees get an opportunity to continue their education in Italy for one year during high school.

We are flexible

We apply flexible working hours and work outside the premises of the Administration Building in order to contribute to establishing balance between the professional and private life, individual and team motivation and enable easier employee organization.