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If you value additional experience

If you value additional experience

The world of online is click options is up to you, and with Banca Intesa Visa cards, those features provide more. Pay online with Banca Intesa Visa cards quickly and securely, and enjoy extra time, security and special offers:

  • For each purchase in the amount of over 6000 RSD on maxi.rs, you get a promo code with a discount of 500RSD for the next purchase,
  • Save your Banca Intesa Visa card when paying on MY SBB portal or application and a RSD 200 discount is waiting for you on your next account.
  • Discount of 3 RSD per liter for payment with Banca Intesa Visa cards in the Drive.Go application.

The offer related to the purchase on the maxi.rs website is valid until 15.8.2021. year, on the SBB portal is valid until 15.7.2021. year and on the Drive.Go application is valid until 30.6.2021. years. More information on the benefits of online shopping with Banca Intesa Visa cards can be found at rs.visa.com.

More on the benefits

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