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Mastercard Travel Rewards

If you enjoy traveling, have unforgettable experiences and take advantage of the benefits with our Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold and Mastercard Platinum payment cards.

Choose accommodation on Booking.com and save up to 6% when paying with a Mastercard Standard and Mastercard Gold card and up to 10% when paying with a Mastercard Platinum card. Create your Booking e-wallet and get a discount when booking accommodation around the world.

In accordance with ESG business principles, Booking allows you to easily recognize and choose accommodation units that have a Travel Sustainable rating, and encourages the rental and use of electric vehicles.

You can see all the details about the benefits on Booking.com, as well as the list of all other special offers with Mastercard payment cards (such as special offers for online shopping, transportation from and to the airport, car rental, etc.), HERE.
On the same link, you can see which offers apply to Serbia, how the benefits are realized, as well as the date until which the offers are valid.