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Special offer for buying a new car

Take advantage until April 21, 2023

What is important to know?

Lower interest rate

For a car that costs EUR 15,000 the amount of the loan is EUR 10,500 and for a repayment period of 84 months the amount of the monthly installment is EUR 164.31.

Just one visit to the bank

The loan is available to natural persons employed for an indefinite period of time, as well as to pensioners, and can be realized by only one visit to the Bank.

No collateral and casco insurance

For loans up to EUR 15,000, there is no obligation to provide comprehensive insurance or to establish a pledge on the vehicle.
If you contract comprehensive insurance, the amount of the loan can be increased by the amount of the policy premium issued by the insurance company.

Loan calculator for buying a car

Calculate your loan installment

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Loan Information
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Price of the car

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Minimum downpayment is 30%.


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Interest rate is fixed for this loan.

* The minimum monthly salary of the borrower or guarantor must be 150 EUR and more, in dinars at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of submitting the request.

If your monthly salary is higher than 1499 EUR, please check offer for you HERE.

Calculation results are only informational. Total amount to be paid includes processing fee. Detailed information about this loan you can find in documents in bottom of this page.

  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - EUR
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - EUR
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - EUR
  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - HRK
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - HRK
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