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Insurance loan

Insuring crops

No fee and no going to the insurance company

Fixed rate

Fixed rate during the repayment period

Return of a part of the insurance

You are entitled to a return of a part of the paid insurance premium

Repayment period of up to 12 months

Maximum loan repayment period

Without participation and guarantors

You can take out a loan without guarantors and participation

povoljan kredit besplatno osiguranje useva od prirodnih nepogoda nabavka repromaterijala

All you need

If you are managing a registered agricultural farm and are thinking ahead preparing for spring or autumn sowing, we have made an even more favourable unique loan on our market for you, which provides free insurance of crops against natural disasters (hail, fire, lightning strike...), namely: corn, wheat, sunflower, soy, barley and sugar beet.

Submit a request at our nearest branch.

Who is this loan intended for?

The loan is intended for financing the procurement of intermediate goods for sowing and for other investments into working capital of registered agricultural farms with a crop production on the territory of Vojvodina, the City of Belgrade and the Mačva, Braničevo, Podunavlje, Šumadija, Pomoravlje and Kolubara Districts.

Free insurance of crops

In case of insurance of crop cultures, which you receive for free with this loan:

  • Every year, the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia prescribe a significant part of the paid insurance premium which may be returned to you.
  • Insurance starts from midnight on the date when it was formally approved by the insurance company and lasts until the removal of crops, pursuant to the terms of insurance.


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