Payment Cards Acceptance

Banca Intesa enables the sale of services/goods by accepting payment cards on POS terminals from Visa, Mastercard/Maestro, Dina and American Express systems.

As a leader in the area of payment cards issuing and acceptance in Serbia, with more than 1,400,000 cards and 20,000 POS terminals, Banca Intesa is the only bank in the country that may process all payment cards on a single POS terminal.

The bank guarantees fast transfer of funds (usually within one working day) to the merchant account upon the performed transaction.

In accordance with the technical capabilities at the sales locations, the bank may offer several models of POS terminals. In addition to dial-up POS terminals, the bank also offers ethernet POS terminals which enable realization of transactions through internet network. For restaurants and other services with specific needs, we may provide the use of GPRS POS terminals, which realize transactions through a mobile phone network. It is possible to connect POS terminals to the fiscal cash registers thus enabling the automation and speeding up of the sales process (it reduces the possibility of a mistake).

Our technical support service ensures continuous functioning of POS terminals and solves disruptions that may occur in everyday operations. Technical support service and payment cards customer service are available 24/7.

Depending on the client’s business, the assessment of the turnover to be realized though the bank POS terminal, the assessed risk in payment card acceptance process and technical requirements for POS terminal operation at the point of sale, the bank may offer to the clients the following services:

  • Sale
  • Reversal of the last transaction
  • Sale in instalments through Banca Intesa payment cards for natural persons
  • Preauthorization and realization of preauthorization
  • Payments without the card being physically available
  • Refunding
  • Connecting POS terminal to the fiscal cash register
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Information on the amount of card system fees