SMS standing order

Leave payment of your monthly bills to us

You no longer have to spend time waiting in line and worrying whether your utility bills, bills for telephone services, electricity, post-paid mobile phone services, internet provider services and cable TV are paid or not. Each month we transfer the funds and pay your monthly bills, commission-free, directly from your current account.

Intesa SMS standing order is a permanent solution to your bills with the following additional benefits:

Free SMS notifications

The Bank assumes the responsibility to pay your monthly bills using the funds from your Intesa Hit current account, every month without commission, as well as to inform you about the outcome of realization of any standing order via an SMS, free of charge. You can sign the standing order for payment of bills of companies with which Banca Intesa has signed a cooperation agreement.

SMS standing order

Control your expenses! Before each realization of standing order we will provide you with an SMS notification containing information about the amount of debt, as well as the date when the bill will be paid. If you so desire, you can cancel the bill payment up until the date specified in the SMS notification. This feature currently applies only to bills of the following companies: Telekom, Telenor, VIP, Infostan and Informatika Novi Sad, though in the coming period we plan to extend the service to other companies as well.

Payments confirmation

Additionally if you so desire, you can opt to get the payments confirmation delivered to your home address each month, containing all the payments that you made electronically (SMS standing order, Intesa Mobi, On-line, phone banking). This service is charged 40 dinars per month (the cost of printing and distribution).

Simple service activation

To activate the service SMS standing order, all you need is to determine which bills you wish to pay through a standing order (the number of bills is not limited), and bring their copies to the nearest branch of Banca Intesa.
Spend your leisure time on finer things. Leave the payment of your monthly bills to us!