Intesa Hit

Hit inspired by your wishes

Inspired by your needs, we’ve created the Intesa Hit current account, which lets you use all the advantages of modern banking without any additional fees.

Intesa Hit current account includes the following products and services:

Dina Debit Card

VISA Inspire Debit Card

American Express® Blue credit card

Mastercard® credit card

Mobile banking - Intesa Mobi

Electronic banking - Intesa Online

Intesa Standing order

SMS Notification

Allowed overdraft

Health insurance


Monthly upkeep of the Intesa Hit current account is 300 dinars.

The documents required to open the Intesa Hit account:

- Personal ID card

- For the use of credit products, within the Intesa Hit account package, the following documents should be submitted:

  • Employed individuals - certificate of employment and income, with a registered average income for previous three months
  • Retirees - pension checks for the past three months