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Acknowledging your various demands in domestic and foreign currency payment operations, we are pleased to inform you that on 13 June 2011, we introduced a new service to provide you from a single location, quickly and efficiently, with the answers related to the international payment operations, collection, transfers, as well foreign currency payments in the country and abroad and dinar payment operations with non-residents.
Contact us, we will help you solve your dilemmas related to payment operations, create more efficient solutions and enable working with the Bank in a simpler way.

See contacts below to consult about payment transactions, payment orders, inflow distribution, Bank statements, or any other issue related to payment operations – out team of processionals is at your disposal and ready to offer help.

We wish our clients to be satisfied with our services, and we greatly value your opinion. We kindly ask you to help us achieve this goal with your proposals, suggestions and/or commendations and have a hand in improving the payment operation services.

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