EIB credit line

Banca Intesa ad Beograd and the European Investment Bank (EIB), as a continuation of long and successful cooperation, in October 2017 signed a new Credit Agreement in the amount of EUR 60 million, which is the fourth credit in the last 10 years.

Credits from the EIB credit line are approved according to the terms and conditions which are much more favourable from those of the standard credits found in our market, for different purposes and to the long period of time, which is the reason of such great demand.

Beneficiaries of these funds can be enterprises with a maximum of 3,000 employees.

Credit line funds are intended for the following:

• purchase, reconstruction or expanding of the fixed assets, apart from land;
• financing of the permanent current assets
• intangible investments:
• development, planning and financial costs during the construction period
• costs of research and development,
• distribution network development in our country and abroad

Credit line funds can be used for the following:

• purchase or construction of the facilities for sale or renting,
• purchase of other enterprises, apart from the original purchase of buildings or equipment
• financing of the VAT as a part of the investment, except in case that there is no VAT return, otherwise, the subject of financing can be only the net amount of the investment

Crediting Terms and Conditions:

• Credit term: from 2 to 12 years
• Grace Period: up to 2 years
• Maximum amount of credit: EUR 12,500,000

Contact e-mail: sme@bancaintesa.rs.