EBRD credit line for energy efficiency

Banca Intesa ad Beograd and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed, on 23rd October 2018, a Credit Line Agreement within the programme called “EU/EBRD Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility II” (Credit line for financing of sustainable energy projects at the Western Balkans II WeBSEFF II).

Loan Agreement was signed to the amount of EUR 15,000,000 and these funds shall be used for financing of the appropriate projects aiming to reduce the energy consumption for a minimum of 20% or to reduce the emission of CO2 for a minimum of 20%.

With the intention to achieve a successful realization of individual projects, EBRD has provided to all potential beneficiaries of this credit line free consulting assistance offered by the experts specialized in this field.

Credit Line beneficiaries

The beneficiaries can be the following:

- Private enterprises, regardless of the size,
Public utility companies and the local self-governments,
ESCO companies (energy saving companies) in charge of realization of the energy efficiency projects, together with one or more local self-governments.

Investment incentives / Non-refundable funds

After successful realization of the investment project, the final beneficiaries are entitled to refundable funds. For the clients from the private sector the amount is 5–10%, while for the clients from the public sector, the amount is 10–15% of the approved credit.

The purpose of the Credit Line funds

The credit line funds can be used for the following:

- Purchase, reconstruction or expanding of the fixed assets (buildings, equipment, machines), which aims to increase the energy efficiency of the enterprise,
- Financing of construction of the small renewable energy resources,
- Energy efficiency projects in public and private building design and construction,
- Projects of improvement of the energy efficiency in the municipality infrastructure and equipment.

Credit Financing Conditions

• The maximum amount of the credit is: EUR 2,000,000 for the private sector clients, that is, EUR 2,500,000 for the public sector clients,
• Credit Term: up to 7 years,
• Grace Period: up to 2 years.

Contact e-mail: sme@bancaintesa.rs