Dina Business Debit Card

With Dina Business Debit Card, you can:

  • Handle the funds on your current account
  • Make cash withdrawals from ATMs within the country, bearing the DinaCard logo
  • Make payments at selling points, within the country, bearing the DinaCard logo

With Dina Business Debit Card, you can achieve up to 40% lower costs for the payment transactions for cash withdrawals at ATM, as well as for payments in terms of the payment transaction cost for cash withdrawals at a branch office, at the terminal.

The information pertaining to the spending as per Dina Business Card, will be made available within the current account statement.

You can find more information on fees related to the cards in the Banca Intesa Tariff of Fees.

Visa Platinum Business card

Visa Platinum Business Card provides you with privileges and benefits created to address your most demanding needs and facilitate your working day full with challenges. It is the common denominator of successful businessmen and it complies with your professional standards.

Our most prestigious business card saves your time, helps you to better manage your money and it opens the door to a world a few can enter.

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Visa Business Debit

Visa Business Debit is free of charge debit card, connected to the current account of your company. You can use it to:

• pay for goods and services (costs of representation, business trips, fleet costs, small inventory and the like and

• make cash withdrawal from ATMs

Using this card has numerous advantages:

• funds on the account of your company are always available to you

• safety - less risk than carrying cash

• up to 40 % lower costs of payments for cash withdrawal from ATMs and making payment by using Visa Business Debit card, relative to the cost of payments for cash withdrawal at branches, at tellers.

• discounts when buying fuel at Lukoil gas stations

Consumption in the country will be charged in RSD, while the specific-purpose FX account will be charged when making consumption abroad. In both cases, your company current account will be charged maximum up to the level of coverage.

Credit cards – Mastercard Business and Visa Business Gold
Up to 40 days interest-free deferred payment

Maximum limit is subject to a client's creditworthiness. In addition to basic Mastercard Business card, a number of other cards are available with a minimum limit of EUR 500 per card. Visa Business Gold credit card is a prestigious card with a minimum limit of EUR 5,000.

Both cards can be used for purchasing goods and services home and abroad, for covering business travel expenses, entertainment expenses, etc.

Credit card repayments for the previous period are deferred and made after the receipt of specification of incurred expenses, before the 10th day of the following month.

Mastercard Business

Visa Business Gold