Accepting takings delivered in security bags

If your hold an account in our Bank, we offer an additional service related to depositing cash and takings received in checks of individuals through delivery of security bags. Security bags are dispatches of cash and checks of individuals packed in security transport bags that are delivered to Bank counters or dropped at day-and-night bank safes. Account approval is performed once the security bag is received, while the opening of the package and the establishing of the balance is determined subsequently.

This service is contracted, and the Contact defines the rights and obligations of the Bank and the client.

By delivering cash/ takings received in checks of individuals as described above, the following is achieved:

  • Safe and quick way to deposit funds, with no time wasted in queues in front of Bank counters,
  • During non-working days and bank holidays, funds are safely delivered by means of day-and-night safes,
  • Approval of your account is performed in a very short period of time.