Investment Banking

With the aim of always meeting the demands of our clients and the latest financial market trends, Banca Intesa, a member of one the most successful European banking groups and one of the leading banks in the domestic financial market, decided to introduce into its offer the investment banking services as well.

Investment banking involves a wide spectrum of services related to operations with securities:

  • Brokerage services (mediation in securities trading)
  • Services related to organizing takeover offers, including acting as the agent of shareholders in the sale of shares to the bidder
  • Analysis of financial markets
  • Services related to emission of securities (as the emission agent and underwriter) – organizing the initial public offer of securities (IPO) and underwriting of new emission of securities
Extensive experience, as well as our specialized and highly professional team, enable us to offer you all services that exist in the local financial market quickly, at quality and with the least possible engagement of your time and money.

Teams of specialized staff members, who are at your disposal, are behind the investment banking activities. Our employees give us a comparative advantage. Individual creativity and innovativeness enables to always satisfy the specific needs of clients, whereas observing high professional and ethical principles in business ensures that the trust placed in us by all who decided to become the clients of our Bank is respected and safeguarded.

  • Type of services

Financial institutions

Banca Intesa pays special attention to developing business relations with financial institutions worldwide, not just as a user of the services provided by the world’s leading banks, but as a provider of services to financial institutions that perceive the Bank as an important and reliable partner in Serbia.

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Financial market analysis

Our long-standing presence in the domestic financial market and employees with considerable experience in market movements analysis and prediction, as well as the preparation of company analyses, enable us to offer the latest and most comprehensive market data, present our views on events and our forecasts regarding the direction the market or a specific company will take i.e. the direction of their development.
Our analysts have so far helped companies regarding the forecast of exchange rate or interest rate movements whereby we were able to reduce the companies’ currency and other risks exposure; we provided the companies with necessary data from world markets and analyzed their exposure to market risk.

Also, when analyzing loan requests, our analysts acquired invaluable experience regarding the companies’ balance analysis and forecast, business operations in certain industries as well as the profitability and risks typical of specific areas of business.

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