Direct debit

You have a large number of debtors, but the payment process has become complicated?

The solution is the Direct Debit service, a type of a standing order thought which Banca Intesa, based on the contract between yourself and your buyers, collects receivables according to instructions that you, as the creditor, delivered to the Bank, per currency date, which may be transferred to subsequent days.

As one of the tools of Cash Management, this service enables you to manage finances in accordance with the needs of your company. By using this service, the collection of receivables in everyday business operations is simple, automated and significantly quicker.

By using the Direct Debit Service, you are saving time and monitor your buyers in a timely manner. The Bank electronically informs you on a daily basis about the clients who authorized the Bank to settle their obligations towards you in their name and for their account.

By means of a current account statement, the Bank sends data on performed payments to you and the debtor.

The advantages the Direct Debit service:

For you, the client-creditor

  • Rational and efficient collection of receivables
  • Free of charge service

For the client-debtor:

  • 40% reduction of the payment operations tariffs
  • Timely settlement of obligations without additional engagement

For all information you may talk to your client manager or call the Bank’s contact centre on 011/310-88-88.