Small business

As the No.1 bank in Serbia we wish to offer to the entrepreneurs and small firms support and se-curity, to enable them successful business development and planning. We are proud to point out that since 2006, when the Small business department started its activities, we recorded the biggest growth rate in dealing with that part of the economy, exceeding in 3 years number of 102.000 clients.

In order to bring closer to the small business and entrepreneurs the latest bank’s products, which were exclusively a privilege of the larger companies, we developed an attractive offer intended for the small business. In order to bring closer to you the highest level of the service, we assigned to each client from the small business a specialized adviser in our branch offices.

We offer you numerous loans which will help you in starting up and development of your busi-ness, as well as business paying cards for you and your employees. Additionally we are offering you the possibility to electronic banking, which enables you to manage your means electronically, without going to the bank, from your working place, with 40% of discount on fees for all transac-tions. At your disposal are also, under favorable conditions, our safe deposit boxes located in our several branch offices in Belgrade and Serbia.