Intesa Farmer Loans

As the bank No. 1 in Serbia, we are aware of potentials and importance of agricultural production in the country. Wishing to give our own contribution to the production, we have adapted our offer to the needs of our farmers – family-owned farms, farming cooperatives, and agricultural companies.

We provide all types of financial services – from opening and maintaining accounts to financing, e-banking and saving. Among our offers, we particularly single out the loans granted under the Intesa Farmer program which you can use to finance your own development, purchase equipment and working assets - all of these under favourable terms and in a simple payment procedure.

We offer to the farmers a complete service package named Intesa Farmer. Through adequate credit models, we make it possible for you to finance, in the easiest way, purchase of necessary materials for each ensuing season but also to make long-term investments in your products. You can choose on of the following loan types: