InnovFin investment loan without a mandatory mortgage

You want to innovate and improve your work process?

If securing a mortgage or pledge presents an obstacle to you, you can plan your development with our InnovFin loan without a mandatory mortgage.

In cooperation with the European Investment Fund, we have provided you with a unique long-term loan making it easier to receive financial resources:

  • No obligatory mortgage and pledge
  • Lower costs
  • Simpler procedure

In order to encourage the development of small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in Serbia, besides loosening our collateral policy, we have kept our attractive lending terms.

On the basis of an Agreement signed by Bank Intesa with the European Investment Fund (EIF) on October 16, 2017, every individual placement under this program will be covered by an EIF guarantee in the amount of 50% of the loan.

For more information, contact your small business advisor and apply for a loan.

Funds within the fund are limited.

Loan characteristics:

Clients eligible for the product

Clients, residents whose address is within the territory where the Republic of Serbia has full state authority and for whom a Credit Bureau's Report can be obtained through the Association of Serbian Banks, who have been operating for a minimum of 15 months and are eligible for the loan

Client segment

Existing and new clients of the Bank, entrepreneurs and legal entities belonging to segments of small businesses and small and medium-sized companies

Loan period

24 to 84 months

Grace period

Up to 12 months

Individual loan amounts

EUR 25,000 - 300,000

Deposit / participation amount

Min 20% of the total investment amount

Currency in which the loan is approved and the foreign exchange currency type

EUR in RSD countervalue - calculation is done at the official middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of loan disbursement

Purpose of the loan:

Procurement of fixed assets

Manner of disbursement:

Transfer to the account of the loan beneficiary or to the seller’s/service provider’s account

Manner of loan repayment

In equal monthly installments, in dinar countervalue by applying the official middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of installment payment

Minimum collateral

7 blank promissory notes signed and certified by the beneficiary with endorsement letter + 1 for each additional year of repayment

Pledge agreement (2 signed blank promissory notes from natural person with a “no protest” clause)

The lending program is implemented with the InnovFin guarantee for small and medium-sized companies and the support of the European Union within the financial instrument Horizont 2020.