Debit cards

Banca Intesa debit cards are linked to your current and/or foreign currency account and allow you to have money at your disposal regardless of the working hours of our branches. When using this card, it is necessary to have in your account a sum of money equal to or exceeding the amount of the transaction.

We recommend using our debit cards for cash withdrawals at Banca Intesa ATMs, since those transactions will be commission-free.

When using debit cards, you have at your disposal:

  • One of the most developed network of ATMs throughout Serbia
  • Customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
    • 011/3010-160 phone number for all information pertaining to operation, as well as for reporting in case of loss or theft of the payment card
  • Tipe of cards

Dina debit card

DinaCard is a national debit payment card and can only be used within the territory of Serbia.

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Visa Inspire

Simple and secure handling of funds from your current account

You can obtain Visa Inspire along with the Intesa Hit current account and use it to make non-cash payments for goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals at all terminals and ATMs in the country and abroad bearing the VISA logo.

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Visa Electron

Payment for goods and services at home and abroad, and online shopping

Visa Electron is a debit card intended for owners of foreign currency non-time deposit accounts.

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Visa Internet card

Simple, quick and secure online payments

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