IntesaFarmer Loans

A wide spectrum of loans for financing agricultural production

We wish to give our contribution to the development of your agricultural production. That's why we’ve tailored our offer to your specific needs − whether you’re running a family agricultural farm, an agricultural cooperative or an agricultural enterprise.

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Agroprotekt - Loan with Insurance Included

With a good loan, there’s no bad harvest

This loan, unique to our market, provides you with free insurance of crops from natural disasters (hail, fire and lightning) for: corn, wheat, sunflower, soya, barley and sugar beet.

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Farmer Obrt in dinars

Invest wisely in working capital for agriculture

The loan is intended for investments in raw materials (seed, fertilizer, planting material, chemicals, fuel), fodder, medicines, other veterinary costs, cattle intended for fattening, additional fattening costs and other.

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Farmer Invest Loan in Dinars

Invest wisely in fixed assets for agriculture

The loan is intended for the purchase of machinery, equipment, land, buildings in which to carry out agricultural production (warehouses, farms, etc.), investment in greenhouses, perennial crops – orchards, vineyards, parent livestock, irrigation systems and more.

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Credit Line for Purchase of Agricultural Land – EFSE land

If you are planning to buy agricultural land, this is a loan for you

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Loans Granted in Cooperation with the Guarantee Fund of the Autonomous Provence of Vojvodina

A wide range of special loans for agriculture

According to the agreement between the Guarantee Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and Banca Intesa, the range of the bank’s small farm products has been widened for loans for purchasing agricultural mechanization and equipment, as well as for loans for funding purchase of agricultural land.

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