Account opening and payment operations

If you hold an account with our Bank, you may receive cash payments at the Bank counters, pay for goods and services and withdraw cash with payment card, verify and collect contractual obligations, bonds, and other security instruments, receive payment orders with a future due date and utilize the daily inflow from your account.

Opening an account in our Bank enables you to deposit initial capital, accept and execute payment orders in dinars and foreign currency in an efficient and quick way, as well as to use the credit line – account overdraft.

We will deliver updated statements on account changes in the manner of your choice (at the Bank counter, electronically, via e-mail, though mobile phone or using alternative methods of modern communication), issue efficiently the statements on acceptance and execution of payment orders, and on account balance and turnover.

We ensure the safety of your account and use current security mechanism to prevent the abuses.
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Account opening

Open a current account in Banca Intesa.

Download all the documents required to open an account for your company.

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Accepting takings delivered in security bags

If your hold an account in our Bank, we offer an additional service related to depositing cash and takings received in checks of individuals through delivery of security bags. Security bags are dispatches of cash and checks of individuals packed in security transport bags that are delivered to Bank counters or dropped at day-and-night bank safes. Account approval is performed once the security bag is received, while the opening of the package and the establishing of the balance is determined subsequently.

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Transfer of employee net salaries

Based on the agreement concluded separately with clients, Banca Intesa enables you to transfer the total net amount of salaries for all your employees with a single transfer order.

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