A safe place for your money

We have over a billion euros of deposited funds and the leading position on the Serbian market. With favourable interest rates, both for dinar and foreign currency savings, saving at the Banca Intesa Beograd is the right choice.

Our bank allows you to buy euros at a more favourable exchange rate with simultaneous term depositing.

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Month by month savings

The little things that help your savings

We are here to help you save money. You can specify the desired date and amount that the Bank will transfer for you each month from your current account to your term deposit, thus eliminating the need to visit one of our branch offices. Every month after receiving your monthly earnings, we will put aside the agreed amount and make a deposit to your savings account.

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Savings in dinars

At our bank, you can save money at favourable interest rates, with special benefits for your dinar savings deposits. We are here to provide you with all the necessary information on how to manage your savings and to answer any other questions regarding savings deposits.

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"Skala" savings in dinars

With our assistance your savings will increase each month

We are encouraging you to save in dinars. You can withdraw money at any time, and the interest increases with each month of your term deposit. "Skala" savings in dinars aims to stimulate continuous savings and to enable you to save according to your current financial situation.

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Foreign currency savings

Your savings in a secure place

We are providing you with the option of depositing foreign currency funds for savings, namely in the following currencies: EUR (Euro) USD (US dollar), AUD (Australian dollar), CAD (Canadian dollar), DKK (Danish crown), JPY (Japanese yen), NOK (Norwegian crown), SEK (Swedish krona), GBP (British pound) and RUB (Russian ruble).

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Annuity savings

Earn extra income every month

Foreign currency savings, now on a monthly basis! You can withdraw interest on your foreign currency deposit every month. Place term deposits with our bank and earn extra revenue each month.

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Bambino children's savings

Upon realizing that parents want to begin allocating funds for their children’s future on time, we developed Bambino savings.

Apart from being able to save money over the years, that can be used for your child's education, purchasing a car when they become an adult or fulfilling short-term plans, by opening a savings account at our bank you will help your child learn from an early age how to save and handle money responsibly, as well as develop a sense of autonomy and security.

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