Make your shopping sweet

To make your shopping sweet, we have significantly lowered the interest on the revolving repayment of your credit cards, so that the interest is now up to 48% lower.

Apply for Banca Intesa credit card because it carries numerous benefits:

• payment in installments without interest and without charge at more than 5.000 outlets in the country
• deferred paymentup to 45 days without interest, in the country and abroad
lower interest on the revolving of up to 48%

Additional benefits:

  • Reprezentativni primer


Amount in RSD

1. Shopping at the supermarket


2. Purchasing shoes


3. Purchasing a TV in 6 installments (6 x 3.000 RSD)


4. Membership fee


Total debt


Monthly obligation


Minimum payment*


*min. payment amount is 300 rsd

Costs borne by the user are known at the time of publication and are included in the effective interest rate calculation

Annual membership fee


Credit bureau report


Two bills of exchange


If you want to use your revolving loan or the possibility of payment in installments without interest, settle your due installment in full, that is, make a payment of 3,310 RSD.

NIR (nominal interest rate) 18.43% for expenditure in RSD fixed annual, and 12.60% for expenditure in EUR fixed annual.
EIR (effective interest rate) is 20.08% for expenditure in RSD, and 14.28% for expenditure in EUR. Interest is calculated on the remaining debt.
The criteria for indexing: in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of NBS on the funds withdrawal date.

• For American Express cards the minimum amount of 5% is calculated on purchase transactions at retail outlets, while the amount of the purchase in installments for a particular month is charged in full through a monthly statement.

To become a user of our credit card, you will need the following documents:

  • Personal ID card; and depending on your employment status:

Employed individuals: a certificate of employment and income;

Self-employed individuals: a certificate of employment and income, a certificate by the authorized Tax Administration that you have no outstanding liabilities arising from income tax and other public revenues, as well as the following documents:

- in case you are a lump sum taxed entrepreneurdecision report on income tax
- in case of a self-taxation -
tax return form for entrepreneurs for whom the tax is determined by self-taxation (form PPDG 1S)
if you, as the entrepreneur, opted for the payment of personal salary you need three last tax return forms (form PPP PD 1)

Retirees: the last three monthly pension checks.

It is not necessary to receive your monthly salary through a current account in our Bank.