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Intesa Frendi programme offers numerous benefits to users of Banca Intesa payment cards.

In addition to standard benefits intended for the users of credit cards, such as:

  • Payment in instalments without interest at more than 5,000 points of sale in the country
  • Deferred payment without interest
  • Payment though revolving loan model

Intesa Frendi provides to the users of both credit and debit cards:

  • Gifts
  • Awards
  • Discounts

Make your shopping sweet

To make your shopping sweet, we have significantly lowered the interest on the revolving repayment of your credit cards, so that the interest is now up to 48% lower.

Apply for Banca Intesa credit card because it carries numerous benefits:

• payment in installments without interest and without charge at more than 5.000 outlets in the country
• deferred paymentup to 45 days without interest, in the country and abroad
lower interest on the revolving of up to 48%

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Travel arrangements in installments without interest via credit cards

Paying for travel arrangements, vacations or trips is usually financially demanding, especially for families.

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Enjoy your summer vacation with American Express® credit card

You can enjoy with your American Express® credit card in your travel and this summer with special benefits that it provide you with.

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Online and contactless payment benefits with Mastercard cards

Special benefits have been provided for Mastercard® credit card customers, and you can discover the details below:

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