Visa Inspire

Simple and secure handling of funds from your current account

You can obtain Visa Inspire along with the Intesa Hit current account and use it to make non-cash payments for goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals at all terminals and ATMs in the country and abroad bearing the VISA logo.

  • Benefits
This debit card provides:


  • Save time and money buying online at websites worldwide
  • Verified by VISA program provides you with maximum protection when paying online. You can find out more about the program HERE
  • The use of a certified payment card reader is required only for purchases on websites which bear the Verified by Visa logo. Your Verified by Visa greeting message and other information concerning your Verified by Visa account can be updated by using your reader HERE
  • If you do not own a payment card reader, you can apply for one at any of our bank’s branches
  • Enjoy shopping with Verified by VISA and leave the security to us

  • You can make quick and simple payments at stores equipped with contactless technology. Confirmation of the transaction with a PIN is not required for transactions below a certain amount, all you need to do is merely bring your card to the reader. Limit to which it is possible to make contactless payments depends on the country in which the payment is made and is defined by the regulations of the VISA credit card organization.


  • You can make cash withdrawals free of charge at all ATMs of members of Intesa Sanpaolo Group:
  • Albania Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania
    Bosnia and HercegovinaIntesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosnia and Hercegovina
    Egypt AlexBank
    CroatiaPrivredna banka Zagreb
    ItalyIntesa Sanpaolo
    HungaryCIB Bank
    RomaniaIntesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania
    RussiaBanca Intesa Russia
    SlovakiaVUB bank
    SloveniaBanka Koper
    SerbiaBanca Intesa
    UkrainePravex Bank

How to obtain a VISA INSPIRE card?

To obtain a VISA INSPIRE card, you have to own a current account with Banca Intesa.

All current account users that are using Banca Intesa Maestro card can immediately apply for a new VISA INSPIRE card free of charge in one of the branches of Banca Intesa. For clients who do not make their request for replacement of their existing Maestro card, a new VISA INSPIRE card will be made automatically, after their existing card expires.

All first-time clients who are opening a current account with Banca Intesa will receive a VISA INSPIRE card.