Electronic Banking

Electronic banking offers users the following project solutions: E-banking and HAL E-bank, with the option of choosing one or more solutions, depending on their wishes and needs.

  • E-banking (in house) project solution allows you to simply and quickly check your account balance and track daily movements on the account, to print statements (from the previous day or earlier), as well as to quickly and safely operate payment transactions in both local and foreign currency, and all that by means of:
    - OfficeBanking application (an off-line app)
    - WEB application (an on-line app)
  • HAL E-bank (out source) is a user application convenient for both small and large business systems. After installing the proper software, users can conduct their transactions quickly, simply and effectively, from their office. It is designed for clients who want to use the Halcom app separately or together with some other project solution, as well as to those who are already using Halcom app with another bank. It is based on HAL E-bank application (an off-line app).

For the information on TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS for using Banca Intesa e-banking service please CLICK HERE.

All the information on online banking available:
by phone 011/310 88 70, or e-mail e-banking@bancaintesa.rs on workdays from 08:00 till 21:00, and on Saturdays from 09:00 till 14:00.