The offer contains:

Debit card – Visa Business Electron

Visa Business Electron is free of charge debit card which enables you easy approach to the money of your firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with discount of 40% on the bank’s commission for paying goods and services and collecting cash on the bank automates all over the country. Spending in the country is calculated in dinars, while for the spending abroad is debited special foreign exchange account. In both cases account of your firm will be charged maximally up to the sum of covering.

Credit cards – MasterCard Business and Visa Business Gold

Maximum limit is determined in reference with your creditworthiness. MasterCard Business and Visa Business Gold credit cards are used for paying goods and services in the country and abroad, based on the expenses of business trips, business dinners etc. Obligations raised in previous period will be paid later, after the received specifications of the calculated obligations, up to the 10th in the following month.

With the basic MasterCard Business card you can have also several additional cards with minimal limit of 500 Euros at each card. If you choose this credit card, you will receive also packet insurance, with health insurance with assistance during traveling, accepted by the embassies as a proof of health insurance during issuing of visas, as well as traveling insurance against accidents. Visa Business Gold credit card is a prestigious card with limit up to 5000.