Simple and safe online collection of payments

E-commerce service allows users to sell their products and services online, by collecting payments made by all VISA and MasterCard cards in the users' online shop. Technical and safety aspects of this service enable its users to simply and safely participate in today's market and use all the advantages of the globalized market.

Lower costs of creating and maintaining an online shop as compared to the costs of running a classic retail store
Just-in-time business operations
24x7 business operations
Global availability of your products and services
Cross-selling and better market segmentation
The image of a seller as leader in application of modern technology
To start using the e-commerce service, it is necessary to submit the application documents, to run a business in line with the bank's general conditions of commerce, and to meet the legal framework and the regulations of card associations. Years-long experience in e-commerce and constant analyses of the e-commerce market and its active participants enable the bank to evaluate a business model by examining a short business plan and in such a way determine the potential of a new e-commerce tradesman.

All our clients can purchase goods and services online from a large number of companies that have signed a contract on payment cards online acceptance with our bank.
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