Electronic banking

You no longer have to go to the Bank to pay your monthly bills, settle liabilities against cards, perform exchange operations, transfer money onto savings account ... we put at your disposal the most advanced electronic services for safe banking transactions.

Intesa Mobi

From now on you can start paying bills or perform any other cashless payments from any site, any time as the Bank is now in your hands!

IntesaMobi is a new, unique service to enable you to perform financial transaction via mobile phones in a completely safe way. The service is available 24/7, wherever you are, with a mobile phone in your hands. Serbis is free of charge till the end of the year.for more information >>

Intesa On-line

Click and the Bank is at your place!

You no longer have to go to the Bank to pay your monthly bills, settle liabilities against cards or check the balance on your account. Just click on the computer and the Bank comes right to your place.

With Intesa On-line, besides savings in time and money you get an additional comfort as this service is available to you 24/7. It is enough that you have a computer and Internet connection and you can access your money from home, work or from Internet café. for more information >>

Intesa Halo

You do not have to go to the Bank to check the account balance, turnover or account statement per cards perform exchange operations, transfer within own accounts or specific domestic payments.

With the telephone banking service we care about this.for more information >>Intesa SMS stranding order

Permanent solution for your bills.

You not longer have to spend time waiting in line and wonder if the utility, land-line, electricity, post-paid mobile phone, interest service, internet provider service or cable TV bills, have been paid or not.

With the standing order SMS service you no longer have to care about this. Every month, free of charge, directly from your current account we will transfer funds and pay your monthly bills. for more information >>

SMS notice

There are two types of SMS services on your account:
1. free of charge SMS notice
2. SMS message to check balance on your accounts, payment cards, and check exchange rate list, on number 1500.

for more information >>


Banca Intesa has developed the service – sending monthly credit cards statements to user’s e-mail addresses.

To receive your statements on the e-mail address, report your email address and requests for this service activation at any branch of Banca Intesa.

If you already have activated Banca Intesa On-line, to receive monthly credit card statements on email address, call the Bank’s Call Centre on 011/310 8888. for more information >>

E-banking terminals

From now on, Banca Intesa Vam enables you to simply, quickly and safely use the E-banking terminal service of Banca Intesa. The service is intended to individuals, Banca Intesa clients and is available 24/7.

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