Intesa Magnifica Current Account

The benefits of Intesa MAGNIFICA current account:

  • American Express Gold credit card with a 50% discount on the annual membership.
  • Visa Inspire debit card, acceptable in a large number of stores and at a numerous ATMs throughout the country and abroad.
  • Depending on you creditworthiness, Banca Intesa offers you MasterCard or American Express Blue credit card without membership fee.
  • MAGNIFICA EVRO allows you to buy or sell euros at the even better exchange rates than the favourable Intesa Hit rate.
  • Allowed overdraft with Intesa MAGNIFICA current account in the amount of your doubly salary.
  • As a user of the Intesa MAGNIFICA current account, you are insured against loss or theft of your keys, identification documents and valuables.
  • Intesa Mobi is a unique service that allows you to safely perform financial transactions on your mobile phone 24/7, anywhere you are.
  • In addition to saving you a lot of time and money, Intesa On-line service offers you another comfort – you no longer need to go to the bank to perform a transaction or check your bank balance.
  • With our standing order service you will save both time and money since we will take care of your regular monthly expenditures. Every month, without fees or commissions, directly from your current account we pay your monthly bills.
  • Additional health insurance enables financial compensation for the current account users and members of their nuclear family in case of a performed surgical procedure.