Intesa Magnifica Service Package

Exceptional service and specially designed package of products

Having recognized all your needs and goals, we are in position to offer you a comprehensive package of financial products and services to achieve your targets.

Save time, schedule your appointment and head straight towards Intesa MAGNIFICA spot inside our specialized branch offices, where in pleasant surrounding all your requirements would be treated with special attention and priority.

We are aware of the fact that financial matters often cannot wait. Thanks to this model of service, all your applications for bank loans, credit cards or other bank products will be processed by speeded procedure.

Personal financial advisor

Intesa Magnifica offers you the benefit of constantly available personal financial advisor, whose professional expertise will be at your disposal so as to facilitate your full grasp of complex bank products and services. Through careful analysis of your requirements and needs, your personal financial advisor will offer you the best possible product or service, with the view to preserving and increasing the value of your possessions, taking into consideration your long-term financial goals and the desired risk level.

Your personal advisor is, above all, a man of confidence and a professional carefully selected by Banca Inesa for the advisory service, always available for your questions. If you choose so, your personal advisor will inform you of all the new bank products that could satisfy your financial needs.

Benefits of using the services of a personal financial advisor:
  • Special attention and care
  • Proactive financial planning tailored to your goals and needs
  • Always available help in resolving your financial quandaries and issues
  • Managing your day-to-day transactions without standing in lines

Set of products

As a user of the most prestigious service package our bank has to offer, you will enjoy special commercial conditions and bank products, separately or in a package: