E- Commerce service enables you selling of products/services through accepting of payment with payment cards from the system VISA AND Master Card on your Internet selling place.

Technical and safety aspects of the service are created so that the users could in simple and safe way connect to the worlds trends and use the advantages of the globalization of the worlds market.

Lower expenses of forming and maintaining internet selling place in reference with classical selling place
Dealing according to the principle just in time
Dealing according to the principle 24 x 7
Availability pf the product/service to the buyers from the whole world
Cross-selling and better segmentation of the market
The seller will be identified by the buyer as a leader in application of modern technology

For the buyer in order to be able to realize E-commerce services is indispensable to fill certain criteria for realization, and to present necessary documentation.

We offer to our users the possibility of on-line buying of the products and services with the large number of firms we have concluded Contract about accepting of paying cards through Internet.

For all additional information you may contact us by e-mail
Mailto: e-commerce@bancaintesabeograd.com